01 September 2009


Aideen McGrath

GolinHarris all the way!


Sigh... all these emails and tweets canvassing votes, if someone sends me an iPhone my vote is yours ;-)

James Gordon-MacIntosh

Like the loyalty, Aideen.
I'll keep the iPhone, Marc.
Thanks both for stopping by!

david cushman

So where's brandosocial.com ? :-)

Mike Mathieson

I think we require an update to the update - Frank and We are Social have arrived late to the party...

social media marketing

I don't know even one of them, so I choose not to vote. thanks for the post. I want to learn a lot in social media industry.


James Gordon-MacIntosh

Mike ... my opinion is revised. And the post is duly updated. Thanks for stopping by, chap.

Robin Grant, We Are Social

Im not sure I appreciate Mr Borkowski's sour grapes accusations. As you've rightly pointed out James, our current standing is solely the result of a few tweets from our main @wearesocial twitter account and some of our team’s personal ones (and more recently, a passing mention in our SXSW panel blog post), and of course, people that voted for us organically anyway (we were in third place before any tweets were sent).

Which leaves the big question, when is the winner announced?


Tanya Ferris

Anyone like to ask a recruitment consultant for their opinion? No need for viral brandstanding here.

James Herring

maybe Stephen Fry would waive his usual fee to host the awards dinner - this kind of social engagement is right up his street isn't it?

retail sales jobs

interesting...especially the iphone bribe lol!

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