01 August 2008


Nicola Davies

Woo hoo ! I only entered the ad age 150 on a whim last week, so this is all pretty crazy for me...

James Gordon-MacIntosh

In that case, Nicola, nice work! Delighted that the whole thing paid off for you!

Look forward to watching you continue a meteoric rise up the charts.

Cheers now,

Richard Bagnall

Nice post James, thanks for providing this resource. All of the media evaluation and PR measurement bods at Metrica will wait eagerly to see how Measurement Matters gets on - can't wait to measure our own social media performance!

Paul Fabretti

Thanks for taking the effort to put this together James. There's some great people are great new reads there too!


Ah, damn - I should have put my blog into the mix; it was in the top 100k worldwide, but I bet it's far lower now.

James Gordon-MacIntosh

Richard: no worries matey. Will in that case, likewise watch with interest.

Paul: no trouble. And aye, there's a lot of really good shit written about the industry out there. Has to be said that the best stuff isn't always written by the people at the top of the list.

Will: yes you should have matey. Tho I am afraid to say that your blog is outside the top 3.5 million these days - see also http://www.alexa.com/data/details/traffic_details/wannabeadman.blogspot.com

Thanks all for stopping by.


Dan Thornton

Very cool. I think going from PR0 to PR4 probably helped this month!

It's always very strange seeing how the ranking compare to my own perception of quality...

James Gordon-MacIntosh

Aye, but thankfully the whole thing remains subjective, Dan. Thanks for stopping by!

Cheers, J.


Nice list, busy subscribing to more blogs right now. But you missed me off :(

James Gordon-MacIntosh


Apologies Rachel - am sure that I got you in the last ones of these, not sure how you slipped this time.

Will make sure that gets sorted with the next one. In the meantime, many apologies.

BTW, nice piece on the latest Doritos campaign, enjoyed reading that.

All the best - and thanks for stopping by,
J x

Cindy King

Great to see my (6-month-old) blog so high on this list! I have the widget on my site and it is amusing to see the number get smaller and smaller. My Alexa rank just dropped below the 200k level so I will be jumping somewhere in the next day or two.

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