27 October 2007



You said "Still, we'll keep an eye on the buzz around the web and let folks know of any developments that pop up." Well, I will give you some buzz that many people in the US have spent days on this already and found clues after much hard work only to find out on the website that it is for the UK only, according to the terms and conditions posted. First I think this should have been divulged before posting the video on YouTube, a US company. And second, this is definitely a development that I think people should be aware of.

James Gordon-MacIntosh

Lots more going on at the Unforum discussion boards. Follow the progress of the hunt there ... http://forums.unfiction.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=21710&start=135

James Gordon-MacIntosh

Another swift update ... written on the wall in the first clip are the words "busque el molino de fenix" (hunt for the mill of the phoenix).

A swift search on Google will take you to http://www.molinodefenix.com/home.html (via Google ad words). Lord knows what happens from there.

James Gordon-MacIntosh

And there's more ... for those who want to know: the second clue is found in a game on the mill site. A click on the scales opens up a new game.

As for clue 3 - a read of the box in the trailer and the wall will give Don Pedro trailer. A search on Google gives the clip on YouTube and the clip the number ...

James Gordon-MacIntosh

Clue 4 ... check the tyre in Juan Ramos's room, work out the words and search (all as one word ...).

An email will get a response: "A clean car is a sign of a happy life, bro...".

A look at the site will show a dusting cloth. Some scrubbing of the grubby car reveals ... you got it, the next clue ...

James Gordon-MacIntosh

Er ... forget my comment in the original post, this is actually quite addictive in its own right.

Clue five ... check the bookshelf in Juan Ramon's room. That will guide you to a website. Email them and a clue will be forthcoming.

Once back at the shop (you will know what I mean), click the language barrier. Wait for the timer to go and then look for the book that looks most like a Guinness ...

James Gordon-MacIntosh

Becoming obsessed... next clue is tucked away in the clip with the falling paint pots. The signature over the mural is ... diegopaz_1975.

That will take readers to a Flickr profile (search the name on the site). In one of the pics is hidden the next code number.

All good.

James Gordon-MacIntosh

Next ... in the clip that is opened up are the words domino dorado. That should take readers to: http://www.dominodorado.com/.

Opening one of the matchboxes reveals the classic "remove a squre to leave four" puzzle. For those not so good at these things, solution is here: http://www.learning-tree.org.uk/stickpuzzles/remove_a_square.htm

James Gordon-MacIntosh

The next clip leaves you with ... Carniceria Guzmam in the film. Googling leads you to http://carniceriaguzmam.com/. An email to the address there says:

Thanks for your email to Pedro Guzmam. He has been expecting you and will be very glad that you have found him!

Pedro has gone for a very important meeting with Juan Ramon (the mayor).

He will be back in the next few days with some important information for you!

Hmmm ... so mebbe there is a bit of a wait while the whole game picks up some viral effect (there seem only to be a LOT of Argentine and US players so far.

We shall see what we shall see ...

James Gordon-MacIntosh

Pedro Guzman ... http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=241608358

http://www.facebook.com/s.php?q=pedro+guzman&init=q (scroll down)

David P

Clue 5 - I have been directed to the site and found the over-priced single book. Have sent an email to the seller for info, but haven't received a reply. Is there a delay before the clue arrives?


Domino 8 - ARGH!

Has anyone got a clue for me on this one!!! Going MAAAAAAAAD


me stuck on 8 - doin my ed in


I feel they haven't released the code for 8 yet to slow the game down


my painting is now signed in the room diegopaz-1975 it wasnt before, wot did i do???????



for clue 8 cuts of meat, if someone could help

James Gordon-MacIntosh

AYE, WE'RE OFF AAGIN! Check the numbers in the picture ...

James Gordon-MacIntosh

For the solutions ...


this is solid


still no luck with clue 8 argh


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