13 September 2010


Girish Balachandran


walter marion

I vote Ketchum because it works in the present thinking to the future.

James Gordon-MacIntosh

To both of you chaps (Walter Marion, Chief Financial Officer of Ketchum Italy and Girish Balachandran, Associate Director KetchumPleon) I would say that on the one hand I admire your loyalty.

And on the other that you might try re-reading the polite request in the post ...

"Once again, if you can avoid voting for your own agency, it might make it a bit more interesting. As with last year, we can't entirely police it, of course, but go on, give it a go ..."

Thanks, tho, for stopping by ...!


Good work Ketchum staff, maybe you can learn something from this story: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-11107843

Martin Ballantine

Dim and inane behaviour from Ketchum! I wonder if a Senior Dimwit sent a mass agency email ordering participation...?


Based on my experience - direct and indirect - with several PR firms, I would vote for Epoch PR. But it is not on the list!

Ben Matthews

The vote was gamed by Ketchum last year too? http://t4w.blogs.com/spinningaround/2009/12/the-winners-of-most-admired-agency.html

James Gordon-MacIntosh

You'd have thought that might've learned then too, would you not?! Otherwise, I might not have been quite so grumpy.

Jon Silk

I couldn't vote for my own even if I wanted to!


Wait... We Are Social do PR now?

*votes for splendid..

James Gordon-MacIntosh

Mike ... In a "broad church" sort of way. And am sure that they will be grateful!

Jon ... next year chap, next year.


Well if there are so many high decision makers coming on this site because they love their company so much, let me take this opportunity to post my LinkedIn CV. I could be very helpful as a Social Media Analyst/Strategist.


(Personal qualities? Curious and creative)

James Gordon-MacIntosh

I think I love Joachim. The best social media chancer going. Gawd bless you, young man ...


Lexis PR ;-)


Why? Because we create stuff like this: http://cokeurl.com/HappinessLondon

James Gordon-MacIntosh


Do you know what, I'd probably have included Lexis. You lot are a good outfit, but it's not been a great year financially from what I can make out, so that rather counted against you.

And on the Happiness Machine, c'mon, it won a crop of awards for "Coca-Cola and integrated interactive marketing agency Definition 6" ...


It's an absolutely amazing idea. But as far as I am aware, it wasn't Lexis'?

Rob Mortimer

You'd think PR people would be the first to realise the potential pitfalls of being seen to big up their own agency in this way.

Martin Ballantine

Lexis, Ketchum...who's next for the survey of doom?!


I'm not claiming it was our 'idea' (as @sean376 has so helpfully pointed out') - but the link i posted above is a project we did for Coke which we shot, edited and seeded all from Lexis as a follow on to the original Definition 6 creative idea.


James Gordon-MacIntosh

Alright, alright. In the spirit of fairness, let's leave it there on the Lexis baiting.

The reason Lexis was left out was due to its most recently reported numbers.

As to whether you guys are claiming the Coke Happiness Machine idea, well, the original comment suggests that might be the case. But you've clarified and I for one am sure it wasn't meant to read as it does.

All settled, eh?!

Robin Grant, We Are Social

Heh - only just around to reading the comments. Good to see we're all on form...

David Gallagher

Hi all. I take full responsibility for unleashing the Ketchum tiger. We love what we do and where we do it, and if you give us a chance to say so, we'll take it. (And there are quite a few of us around the world.) I do apologise if we skewed the numbers or upset anyone in the process. Good luck to the remaining candidates (I like a lot of them but think Three Pipe should have been included originally, and I like Circkle, too).

PS: you may get a few hundred more votes for Ketchum. The tiger is hard restrain.

David Gallagher

And Joachim - give me a shout on LinkedIn - I like your style (dimwitted as I may be!)

James Gordon-MacIntosh


A very sensible response, sir, if I may say so. All in all, no harm done. Probably another salutary lesson (for us all).

Oh and, on balance, Threepipe I'd agree are likely an admission - Jim and the boys have done some cute stuff. Next year, lads, next year.

And finally ... Am delighted that Joachim is attracting some interest. The man is a legend (or will be one day, I predict).

Anthony McLeay

I see the Morter effect is helping the guys at Cake! He was nominated for 'Marketer of the Year' at the Revolutions for the Rage #1 at Christmas and Save 6Music


Clarion the "Best", great creativity, professionalism & amazing results!!!

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