20 March 2008


David Airey

Now that looks very strange to me.

Stephen Davies

Hi guys,

For some reason Adage has a foreign flag (I'm not sure which country it belongs to?) next to my blog. It never used to but I can assure you I'm very British.

No. 122 - PR Blogger

Also noticed you're missing out Neville Hobson (www.nevillehobson.com) too.


James Gordon-MacIntosh

Nice one. Thanks Stephen - missed those due to incorrect flagging by AdAge.

Apparently, you and Neville blog from Andorra. Have updated above.

Happy days.


Stuart Bruce - Wolfstar

The whole AdAge list appears to have gone tits up. My blog (A PR Guy's Musings) has dropped since the last time I checked from 78 to 188 and the flag is Andorra instead of the UK!

Also missing (because of an Andorra flag) is: Modern Marketing (148), Crackunit (135)
Russel Davies (62), Neville Hobson (60), David Airey (29 - Scotland)

Stuart Bruce - Wolfstar

Sorry just realised that David is on your list.

James Gordon-MacIntosh


Just had a look and Andorra seems to be the country against a load of UK blogs. Which means that the whole thing needs re-doing.

Bugger. All sorted now.

James Gordon-MacIntosh

Thanks Stuart. Think that while you were popping up those notes, I was fiddling about trying to sort out the list!

Bloody Americans, eh, UK, England, Andorra. All pretty much the same - part of the United States of Europa.

Only one that I haven't included is TIGS, as Faris has gone Stateside - losing all sense of geography in the meantime, no doubt.

Ho hum.

James Gordon-MacIntosh

Er ... since people seem to be vaguely interested in this list, will make sure to have a look at it on a monthly basis.

Henceforth, will pop something up on the 1st of the month (so the next one will be 1st April) that tracks where all the UK bloggers stand.

Will likewise mark up whether people have risen or fallen (within the overall global tables and within the UK chart).

Will also track as new sites are added to the Power150 - noting that Scamp, LunarBBDO and a load of others aren't in there - but likely should be.

Right then ... consider it done from next month and henceforth.

Simon Collister

Nice work, James. Can't believe someone didn't get around to it before now! I feel happier about my UK rank than the overall (US) one. Not sure what's going on with the AdAge list. When it started as Todd Ands list I basked in the glow of being 125... now I am truly drizzly at no 242 :(

James Gordon-MacIntosh

No worries Simon.

Funnily, it seemed like the sort of thing that someone would already have done when we turned our minds to it.

Be interesting now, to be honest, to find out whether it changes enough in the course of a month to make it something that is actually worth tracking.

We shall see ...

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