13 January 2008


James Gordon-MacIntosh

As soon as I get a minute, I will do a post on this - it's an interesting example of work to reactivate an existing base, which has to be something of a priority.

The work in question is the Me & My Goldfish campaign (http://www.meandmygoldfish.com). It struck me that it is a belting example of a brand doing all of the stuff above.

Yes, bought media is involved to drive intrigue and awareness, but the investment is in anitmated films in which various celebs (Rik Mayall, Ranulph Feinnes, Anthony Horowitz and Meera Syal) talk about "me and my Goldfish".

The films are highly watchable, the work engaging, it's reminded me that I have a Goldfish card in my wallet and - most of all - has made the brand interesting enough to make me dust it down and start using it again.

A really good example of diverting media spend to content spend.

paul isakson

Good thoughts here. And a good reminder that I need to finish up a draft of a post related to this.

Much of this hinges on the clients being willing to step into this new direction. As more of the big brands do, others will follow. It will only take a couple having some success to get a couple more, and so on.

I think you nailed it though when you said the idea has to be compelling in some form - be that interesting, entertaining or utilitarian.

Could be a bit difficult if you step back and look at all the bad advertising that's out there and then think about those same people moving in this direction.


At least if they do that, it gets it out of our faces and we can properly ignore it completely.

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