29 December 2007


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The folks at Seventy Seven have started a My Week in Media meme and I've been tagged, so here goes... What I've read My newspaper habits are fairly regular and The Guardian, Yorkshire Post and Yorkshire Evening Post are essential [Read More]

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Just got tagged by UK-based technology PR consultant Drew Benvie to participate in a My Week in Media meme, where we all talk about what we read, watch, listen to, and surf. [Read More]

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Ah, heres a nice one. My former colleague and Britmusic inspiration Daljit has tagged me in what looks like a chain letter, only that it happens on (currently mostly media and PR peoples) blogs and will not bring anyone money, luck or ot... [Read More]

» My week in media meme from Simon Wakeman - Marketing and public relations
Stephen Waddington has tagged me in the my week in media meme. ... [Read More]


Stuart Bruce - Wolfstar

You've got mine and Stephen's tags back to front - I did Iain Dale, Phillip Young etc

James Gordon-MacIntosh

Should be sorted, Stuart. Sorry about that.

Cheers, J.

James Gordon-MacIntosh

Thank you kindly, Rob!

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